Hello again!


Excited to stay again with Anunsciacion and her family, including little Alfoncina and Fernando, who you likely recognize from the photos from our photo exhibitions as the cutie in the blue cap.

I have a new game for us to play, and for Alfoncina to beat us at.


Sunset in Las Minitas

Sunset in Las Minitas

It’s pretty beautiful up here.

Setting a foundation

sergioIt’s our third day of work at the preschool in Las Minitas, where Sergio, our mason, is on his way up to begin work after Gustavo and other men (and some kids) from the community have dug a trench around the footprint and also the deep foundation holes before the holy week.

I have worked with Sergio before, in 2010, and will be glad to spend these days with him.

Soon, I’ll be there too, staying with Anunsciascion and her family and working bending rebar and mixing and pouring concrete with water we run from a hose from a sort of well down the hill.

It’s about three and a half weeks from here, folks!
The Friends Project does not mess around. :-)

no water for like a week, and finally the internet works so ive got me a flurry of blogging. im exhausted, and not from riding in the back of a pick-up 4.5 hours up and down the mountain to the school and slowly roasting over a 100 degree open flame.


this chica’s got to get to bed, so she can get up and pack and leave at 7 a.m. for San Juan del Sur, surf and beach town for the Holy Week escapade with the gang. So much for sleeping in … people do stuff EARLY here!

I want that!

Coming down the mountain, Enrique jokingly told me that “Kris is synonym with dance. With party here.”

He then said, “Your name should be a verb.”


Might be the most awesome five words someone could compliment me with :-)


Myself with members of the eco-tourism cooperative today at their meeting to talk about the cabinas, or cabins, they are making behind the shelter and will be open in a few weeks.
They will allow tourists to stay over closer to the summit, rather than host families if they wish.

It’s being done via the mayor’s office, Enlace Project and the co-op.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Don Mauricio is the Clint Eastwood of Nicaragua.
He’s 80 something years old and every night walks up to the summit to sleep at the Ranchon, to keep his eye on the lone solar panel that the tourism and coffee cooperative has up there. Every time I see him he’s riding his horse and he’s the guy who donated his land to the cooperative so they could realize their dream of sharing their traditional way of life.

Today I was elated to see him waltzing up the summit to attend an eco-tourism meeting.

Work has started!

Work has started!

Up in Las Minitas today, community leader Gustavo Martinez Martinez (here) and several other farmers are digging the foundation for the preschool, and they are moving!
They said they’ll be done tomorrow.

Shovels, two pick axes and the squared off alignments that Sergio, our mason, laid out for them yesterday.

I’m making a little video and as soon as I figure out how to edit that, they will be up and introducing themselves to everyone.

PS This is Gustavo and I call him Son of Clint Eastwood on account that he’s very small, hardly speaks but is the guy who gets lowered into the well to dig for water, a rope tied around his waist to be hauled up and down 50 feet down, and who lobbied the government for five years for a permanent teacher.

He’d be Clint Eastwood except his 80-something-year-old dad is. He hikes up to the summit every night to protect the solar panel in the Ranchon and I see him riding his horse around all the time.

Language faux pas #101

“I like to ride down the mountain in the back of the pick-up, but I cought with all the dirt and dust. I have a bad pechuga … from smoking.”

For what must be the 100th time, Enrique looks at me, smiles, laughs and says, “you have a bad pechuga?”

Apparently I have told several people I’ve got “bad breasts,” used for ladies’ chests, and also chicken meat.

and so it goes.
At least I didn’t ask a girlie how many anuses she has today, or invite a Brazilian soldier in the Amazon into my boat cabin even though I was just a little

What's that you say about your pechuga woman?

What’s that you say about your pechuga woman?



Kellan and I are off to el sauce,  a bit later than intended after the quakes.

If I miss Sergio the mason going up I will go tomorrow for hole digging.

The show goes on!!


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