Several earthquakes around Managua this week. Last night there were  several including one at dinner in which I learned I can MOVE!

The loud thundering one sent us into the street as we were hauling mattresses onto the patio to sleep at the exit … where we stayed all night.

The whole of the city and our street, kids in blankets and everyone on chairs, doors open lights on. After 2 people moved mattresses and couches into the street too. There were three or four more quakes. I had to pee and of course that one sent me flying off the bano  as fast as a ninja!

We stayed out in the street until daybreak. At about 2 I wedged myself into yacis car and then finally laid on a mattress just inside the garage gate. I was in the house but technically only half! I let my legs dangle out so one step I was up and out from construction.

I felt three more small tremors while outside. No booms.

Life as normal this a.m.

The tortilla ladies who start their patting at 5 a.m. like a loud slap every few seconds set up shop, and it is another Monday.

I never felt in danger. Just prett scary as it never happened.

We are off to El Sauce. If I miss the mason I’ll go up tomorrow morning for hole digging.


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