Work has started!

Work has started!

Up in Las Minitas today, community leader Gustavo Martinez Martinez (here) and several other farmers are digging the foundation for the preschool, and they are moving!
They said they’ll be done tomorrow.

Shovels, two pick axes and the squared off alignments that Sergio, our mason, laid out for them yesterday.

I’m making a little video and as soon as I figure out how to edit that, they will be up and introducing themselves to everyone.

PS This is Gustavo and I call him Son of Clint Eastwood on account that he’s very small, hardly speaks but is the guy who gets lowered into the well to dig for water, a rope tied around his waist to be hauled up and down 50 feet down, and who lobbied the government for five years for a permanent teacher.

He’d be Clint Eastwood except his 80-something-year-old dad is. He hikes up to the summit every night to protect the solar panel in the Ranchon and I see him riding his horse around all the time.

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