Bricks, bricks, here comes the wall

Bricks, bricks, here comes the wall

“Panchin” lays bricks for one of the walls on the preschool we raised the money for in Las Minitas. It’s the second week but first full week of construction and things are really moving. I was there 2.5 days and we went from dirt to all four walls about waist high – 8 or 9 brick layers.

Guys went and got water from a nearby well, and brought it into a big barrel, then walked it over in buckets. All day. Gustavo and Alcir and Paiyo mixed cement with water with shovels out back, and then brought it over to the preschool area in buckets, where Sergio and Panchin laid it, as more of us soaked bricks in a giant barrel full of water to make the more wet so they would stick better with the cement, and then laid them around the perimeter.

It’s 100 degrees here and there is no mystery why the guys (and women) are in sinewy good shape. Hauling bricks and water and cement is tough tough tough work.

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