Everyday people — Making our own good news

Everyday people — Making  our own good news

Alcides Pulido Martinez

“I have been here every day helping with the construction of the preschool,” says coffee farmer Alcides. “It is important for the children here.”

There are two main masons and sometimes helpers from El Sauce who have been working on The Friends Project preschool for three and a half weeks. Alcides has been organizing their food and the volunteers who are helping the masons. About 29 people from Las Minitas have pitched in or worked on the school, from helping the masons with hauling bricks and cement each day to the families who cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for them.

His son, Rolando Alcides Pulido, will study in the preschool in a few years, when he’s old enough, and he wants to help the community.

A member of the tourism cooperative in Las Minitas, whose members provide tours of their traditional way of life, Alcides and his wife also host a tour in their house, teaching tourists and student groups how to make tortillas, grinding then mashing and shaping corn into flattened patties to bake on an open fire.

“People are out there making a difference in their own way, every day. We just don’t hear about them.”
The Friends Project — Make your own good news

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