Make friends, celebrate (and dance!)

What I treasure most about travel is arriving somewhere new, where I know no one, and very little about life there. With time, I discover daily life, and stripped bare, we all find commonalities that bond us together.

In Las Minitas, Nicaragua, my new friends have become family. They know I love to dance. Twice now, I have arrived home from photographing or in 2014, building the school with them, to find a hot plate of food and halfway through eating it, the table is pushed to the side and a boom box powered by a car battery brought in.

It’s homemade dance party time — and everyone is in on it. Fernando, Alfoncina, and their friends got up the next morning for school, and then visited after. I was still exhausted. I love this photo; It reminds me to make your own party, every day.IMG_4618

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