The Friends Project

Time flies

It is always a surprise to me how in a town with “nothing” to do like movies or big stores there is always no time! It is flying.

Come Monday I will be going up with Sergio to lay the footprint of the preschool with rope and unload that gravel.

We are underway, weeks after raising the 5600 dollars. The friends project doesn’t mess around!


We did it!


The final total is in and WE raised more than $5,500 to help the families in Las Minitas, Nicaragua, build the FIRST preschool-kindergarten in their community, for 20 kids now and generations to come.

Our bare bones was $4,000.
Two fundraisers, a lot of well wishes and supporters and belief in the power of everyday people to make a huge difference, and we will build this sucker!

When I hit Nicaragua tomorrow, we, my friends, will have enough to add a window for some light, and purchase educational materials .. and some benches/desks.

Really amazing.
If I wasn’t so excited, I’d be weeping for joy!

It’s a partnership. Gustavo and the guys will be building this with the mason, and me.

starting right about ….. NOW!Image

Wanted: these people

Today’s quote of the day comes from me,  actually,  as I tried to explain to my police officer friend that I am going on this trip and while I am on it I am going to find people who are making a difference in their villages all over the world and you know, like
“someone who resuscitates TWO people and brings them back to life but doesn’t tell anyone he did it. A photo of that guy and a little write up. Because not telling anyone you saved people makes it even cooler.”

He laughed.
My friend is that guy who revived two people. A fine example.
I’m glad I get to know that guy.

A new view.

Wish you could see the new school through the kiddies’ eyes when they run up to it and walk in for the first time?
Let’s do it.
I just personally invested in a GoPro because … they are awesome.

Upcoming feature: The Kris Cam

Love kitty cams? Me too.
Bob Krzaczek is building a special Kris cam so you can follow my travels to Nicaragua and building the school and beyond… we’ve already taken a few test photos!!

Javier’s journal: Report from the field

**Javier Rocha is our teacher for the English class for farmers and their families in Las Minitas (also known as Ocotal) where we are building the preschool and have assisted cooperative members with projects for training, equipment and other resources to be more self-sufficient and grow their ideas and businesses.

He’s writing frequent diary entries for us from the field so we are part of this Sunday mountain classes! Enjoy. **


English class in Ocotal is going well, students look enthusiastic about learning English, and most of them are doing a good job. Some students have faced some difficulties to stay at the class, because they have to work in their farms.

There are 14 students in the class, Most of the students have already presented to the whole class about their families, their favorite sport, their pets etc. Nelvin, who is the youngest from the class, always comes up with new vocabulary that he gets from some English books that he owns, and it is nice to see him presenting because he is very talkative and very intelligent.

I really enjoy the time when l am teaching in Ocotal, l like the community so much and l am very proud of my students because as l told you they are doing a good job.

Sean, the Enlace intern, and l have been working in the English book for the class in Ocotal, we are almost done, we sent it to kellan and Yacarely to check it and probably next week we are going to print it out and give it to the students.

This month the students from the English class in El Sauce who won the competition by acting the skits in the Christmas party that we had last December, are going to Ocotal to spend one day over there as a prize that we are giving to them, so probably my students from Ocotal are going to meet them up there and to do some activities to practice their English and interact with students from El sauce.

                                                                                                                                                       — Javier Rocha



Next stop: El Sauce

Four Kodak easy shares on enroute to El Sauce for The Friends Photo Project … stay tuned for views of life from el sauce teens. I’m starting a photo club for the two and a half months I’m there!

We’ll learn about the language of photography, composition, shoot together and share our work.

Javi is our first member. He’s our English teacher for the Las Minitas classes … and just sent this in today. He took it Sunday during class, that YOU make possible. 



(Yay for Craigslist for letting me get 4 easyshares for $50 and supporter Jen Hollenbeck for picking them up!)