Next stop: El Sauce

Four Kodak easy shares on enroute to El Sauce for The Friends Photo Project … stay tuned for views of life from el sauce teens. I’m starting a photo club for the two and a half months I’m there!

We’ll learn about the language of photography, composition, shoot together and share our work.

Javi is our first member. He’s our English teacher for the Las Minitas classes … and just sent this in today. He took it Sunday during class, that YOU make possible. 



(Yay for Craigslist for letting me get 4 easyshares for $50 and supporter Jen Hollenbeck for picking them up!)


The bank teller hates me. But kudos to her for putting on a patient, smiling face as I deposited six different checks with descriptive notes, then the $1,411 we raised at Soup’n Music Jam fundraiser for the Las Minitas school in cash, checks and cash kept in a plastic baggie, and then me removing it from the account again so we can get it to Nicaragua this Friday,


I apologized profusely, but this is how it goes when you’re rocking it old school – or simple school to make big changes.

It’s you, me and no red tape.

Honeoye Falls-Lima senior and my neighbor Katie Hill collected bottles and cans and returned them to help The Friends Project.

$30. Just $5 shy of a full year scholarship for school in El Sauce! Thanks !! Image

A star is born!

A star is born!

Your ray of sunshine in the NY blizzard:
We have a mascot for the Las Minitas preschool, lovingly “born” by Kathleen Copenhagen!

The kiddies in Nicaragua get the honor of naming him on opening day. After he watches us dig, mortar and sweat, and they know his personality.


Elated. NINETY TWO people supported the friends project and the school WE all are building at the “Soup ‘n Music Jam” tonight at the Rabbit Room.

Exhausted. Soup. I didn’t have any there. And i hear it’s delicious. Thin mints. Exciting updates tomorrow when I can do it proper!!!

People are awesome. They rally. Don’t listen to naysayers.

Goodwill, from anyone.

My father, a 40-plus year volunteer firefighter in Mendon, NY, hung a poster for the school fundraiser in the station.
And then drove over with an anonymous donation from a fellow firefighter.

He knows who it is, but they didn’t want me to know.

I love that it could be anyone.


Where we work:

Where we work:

Here’s where the little town of El Sauce, Nicaragua is in the world … and where we will be building the preschool in Las Minitas!

School fundraiser

Help us raise the final $1,000 needed to build the preschool in Las Minitas, Nicaragua, at a special community party on Sunday, March 9!

The Friends Project

The Las Minitas, Nicaragua, preschool project


I am excited to share that The Friends Project is taking on its most ambitious project — to help a community in rural Nicaragua realize a dream to provide a preschool for their children.

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