The Friends Project

The universe is smiling on us.

It’s my final day in El Sauce before I take off for Peru and Bolivia, and I think EVERY friend of mine from Las Minitas from the cofee and tourism cooperatives is in town. Even the ones I… Read More

Satire = power

In the 1500s Hernandez de Cordoba and other Spanish conquistadors came to Nicaragua, and well, conquered it as conquistadors do. Nicaraguan mestizo people created a traditional play with characters that represented the Spaniards and also native people: The… Read More

Wee wee wee all the way …

Walking to the office i love that I saw a horse and foal in front of my door. Another horse on the corner. They will wander tonight, but Yaci assures me they know where they live and will… Read More

School is painted, next week we party!

The school is painted! Spent all day Thursday painting the preschool with Sergio, Pedro and two helpers, and left with the blue bottom coat just starting to coat cement. Go us. Go The Friends Project! Joselito is in… Read More

And in this space ..

This is the existing preschool-kindergarten that The Friends Project is helping the farmers replace with a one-room shoolhouse with a few windows, blackboard and supplies! Work starts Monday and I’ve brought the mascot for the kids to name… Read More

A heavy load

Our gravel started its life today halfway up to Las Minitas, filling the truck to the brim. Popped a tire from a rock somehwere between Buena Vista and Las Minitas, and that plan was kaputt. Franklin, Juan and… Read More

Where we work:

Here’s where the little town of El Sauce, Nicaragua is in the world … and where we will be building the preschool in Las Minitas!