The Friends Project

Everyday People – Making our own good news

Nicholas Martinez Pitchardo A 20-year coffee farmer, Nicholas is the founder of the Manuel Lopez Cafe Cooperativa more than 8 years ago. “I knew we would be better to sell in an organized way. you can get a… Read More

The universe is smiling on us.

It’s my final day in El Sauce before I take off for Peru and Bolivia, and I think EVERY friend of mine from Las Minitas from the cofee and tourism cooperatives is in town. Even the ones I… Read More

Mark your calendar!

    so ive decided we’re throwing a little shindig in simple, rustic style (meaning no frills) at Bodywork Kneaded’s exhibition and party space in Honeoye Falls where the last photo exhibit was held,w hile I am home… Read More

It’s open!

I  I arrived at the preschool in Las Minitas to find palm fronds decorated with paper flowers on the door and tablecloths on the two tables families had brought to the school. Javier, who also teaches our English… Read More

Bienvenidos al preescolar Guardabarranco!

  The national bird of Nicaragua is the guardabarranco, a lovely little creature with yellow chest and a splash of red on its wings and a long tail of bright blue like the pendulum of a grandfather clock…. Read More

The most photogenic face … strikes again

The photo I took of Nicholas at the very first official meeting of the tourism cooperative in Ocotal, in 2009, has been used for pretty much everything since. I took this as he watched his wife make tortillas… Read More

Unveiling is Friday!

These kiddos get to walk into their own preschool, with a bookshelf and books and laminated learning maps and games and supplies for crafts for their imaginations this Friday! Someone from the community in Las Minitas is building… Read More

School is painted, next week we party!

The school is painted! Spent all day Thursday painting the preschool with Sergio, Pedro and two helpers, and left with the blue bottom coat just starting to coat cement. Go us. Go The Friends Project! Joselito is in… Read More

Victory shot!

The victory shot! We have 2 days of painting next week and the door go on, then it’s opening party time! Thanks to all of you helped, read this page, spread the word …. Let’s spread some more!… Read More

Everyday people — Making our own good news

Alcides Pulido Martinez “I have been here every day helping with the construction of the preschool,” says coffee farmer Alcides. “It is important for the children here.” There are two main masons and sometimes helpers from El Sauce… Read More

Meet the guys

The work is going, every day, and several of the guys in Las Minitas from the community are there lugging bricks, digging and mixing cement and carrying water from the well, every day. Meet Gustavo, the community leader,… Read More

Coming along …

so this is where we left it this weekend. we used as many bricks are as piled. So exciting!!!