The Friends Project

People of our World: Insight from the road.

THE POET. Sitting in the Plaza de Armas and people watching is my favorite pastime in Arequipa. Soon after I arrived, a guy walked by selling something, passed me, paused, walked a few steps back and said hello…. Read More

People of Our World: Insight from the road.

On this journey around the world promoting the idea of do-it-yourself change, and highlighting others who are making a difference, I come across some interesting characters. People who are on their own pilgrimages … to celebrate anniversaries, to… Read More

The small world breakfast table

When I bought my one-way ticket to Limerick, the train cashier in Dublin was baffled that I would go live in “Stab City.” It’s not the most exciting city in Ireland but I liked it quite much and… Read More

LIFe at night

Went to the 35th anniversary show of the ballet folklorico in Arequipa, a nice showcase of traditional dance that depicted history and relationships with Mexico and various regions across Peru. Two days going to concerts/performances in Arequipa at… Read More


Still glowing over what we were able accomplish with families in Las Minitas. Don’t listen to negative: change is closer than you’d think! I’ll be in El Sauce again in a month… in the meantime… I’m discovering Peru… Read More

Delivering school supplies

Iquitos, Peru, Amazon, 2006: The Friends Project is launched in the Amazon of Peru, when I volunteered with Earthwatch Institute scientists. I spent some time in Iquitos, the port city, and its poorest neighborhood, Belen. I stopped into… Read More